BOTS Stats

Last Snapshot Date: 2018-05-15
Total KMD Fees collected from BOTS: 22,614

Total USD Fees collected from BOTS: 77,114

Current Rev. Share per BOTS in KMD: 0.023

Current Rev. Share per BOTS in USD: 0.08

BOTS Transactions*: 649

Dividends are usually paid when an Assets reaches 1 Mio USD in Fees. Dividends are always paid in KMD to your KMD address.

There are 1 Mio BOTS.Each time a 0conf deposit is made BOTS receives 0.1% of the KMD Amount. RNdqHx26GWy9bk8MtmH1UiXjQcXE4RKK2P

BOTS KMD Fees collected